PubeHops Mission:

 To collect, study, and bring to market Midwestern H. Lupulus v. Pubescens subspecies hops for benefit of beer lovers, brewers, and farmers.  

"Pube" Hops?

 While a little bit gross, the name is memorable and relevant. Pubescens specimens have lots of tiny hairs on the under side of their leaves, giving them a velvety texture very different from the other subspecies of hops. 

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Available via Jstor, Ernest Small's taxa of the Humulus species is still the authoritative guide to the subspecies of hops:
Ernest Small
Systematic Botany, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Spring, 1978), pp. 37-76
A more recent look at the Humulus species using genetic marker testing supports Small's assertion that Midwestern hops are distinct from the neomexicanus and lupuloides subspecies. 

Species Delimitation under the General Lineage Concept: An Empirical Example Using Wild North American Hops (Cannabaceae: Humulus lupulus)

  1. Christopher M. Richards
    1. Systematic Biology Volume 60, Issue 1Pp. 45-59

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